Rebuilt Transmission Problem-Honda Accord



I recently had the 4speed automatic transmission rebuilt in my '98 Honda Accord. It works great, with the exception of when it’s cold. When I first start up in the morning, it will briefly “miss” the shift from second to third.(The engine will rev, then it will connect-it will generally do this only one time.) Once the car warms up, no problem. I know that I could just let the car warm up before using it, but I’d like to get this issue resolved. Any ideas what may be causing it?



These transmissions have a very complex valve body because one gear clutch has to coming ‘off’ while the other is coming ‘on’. The detail is in the transition. I have little knowledge of the Honda computer controlled transmissions so I will not hazard a statement. If the valve body can be removed without removing the transmission, a valve body recleaning and inspection with emphasis on the 2-3 shift spools should solve you problem.