Rebuilt Starter

At times I would start my car by steping on the gas pedal and turning the ignition at the same time (which I believe damaged my starter)…I thought I needed to step on the gas pedal to start the car.

My mechanic wants to give me a rebuilt starter. Are rebuilt starters ok?

There are good rebuilds and bad rebuilds. In many cases the quality of the rebuild is directly proportional to the parts warranty. I tend to pay a bit more, use a namebrand (Delco, Autolite, Motorcraft, etc), and try to get a life warranted product. I try to balance price vs warranty in my consideration.

Your mechanic may have a preference for a particular brand or vendor; ask him and ask about the parts warranty provided.

Rebuilt starters are as good or better then new…And usually a lot cheaper.

There is no direct correlation between pressing on the gas pedal when starting a car and the starter being damaged. There is a INDIRECT correlation. Pressing on the gas pedal (especially in a fuel-injection motor) could make starting the car harder…THUS the starter will have to work harder to finially get the engine to start.

May I suggest you read you owners manual on how to properly operate your car.

I really appreciate your advice.

Thank you

Your help is very much appreciated. I now have more knowledge. Thanks