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Rebuilding 1987 Oldsmobile Toronado

Looking for a online shop (excl. Ebay or RockAuto) or used parts seller in the US who ships to Iceland and/or scandinavia.
I’m rebuilding a 87 Toronado need some interior/exterior parts. If anyone can point me in a direction i’d be greatful.

You have a very tough job ahead of you. The Toro is an old, orphan car without a large following. Especially the 1980’s versions. GM may still carry parts. Another obvious place is EBay.

Another is here but may be too old:

These folks may be of help:

Or these folks:

Good Luck!

Thank you :wink:

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I wish you very good luck with this project. It is very refreshing to see someone willing to put the time and love into a car that is a little old but not that old. 1987 is only a few years ago and I am sure that once you is done with this, you will have a great daily driving automobile that you will enjoy being with for life.

You can’t be serious, this thing is 31 years old and as for a daily driver not a chance.

My relatives in Norway go crazy over old US cars. Tried to get them here for the Back to the 50’s event but schedules didn’t permit. At any rate the body styles for the Toro and Riviera changed to the smaller version in 86 so the 87 Toro is not the large boat of the older models. It would have the 3800 v6 and 4 speed OD FWD. They are very similar to the Riv and when I bought my first 86 Riv I really wanted a Toro but just too hard to find.

I don’t know why Rockauto wouldn’t be considered a source since I believe they will ship and pretty much would have any of the mechanicals and some electricals. The parts have been common for years. Things like the CRT (which will go black if it hasn’t already) will be harder to come by. Body panels and interior would require some tracking down but the shipping out of the country is the problem. Around here, French Lake Auto Parts (FLAP) had old Riv body panels and suspect they would also have toro parts. They have acres of older cars back to the 40’s.

We used to have a friend from Germany that would make frequent trips to the US and we would need to shag parts that he could take back with him for his son’s vehicle. Maybe gonna have to find someone or even make a trip here to collect some of the rarer parts.

The original 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado was like something from outer space!. I admire your determination to drive an obscure American car in a somewhat isolated foreign country. Our vintage Lockheed C-141 Starlifter suffered failure of 2 of the 3 hydraulic systems and was required to make an emergency landing at Keflavik Naval Air Station. It took over 2 days to fly in enough duct tape (kidding) from Germany to get us home. Toronado parts would probably take longer LOL. It was early October so the weather was not great (freezing rain) but a US Navy officer with a mini van took a few of us on a local tour. We were all from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Washington USA) very familiar with the lava formations. The local people were wonderful. You are fortunate to live there.


Thank you all for replying. I have been ordering from RockAuto and Ebay, mostly mechanical and and electric, I’ve got parts flying in for few thousand dollars, funny since I bought the car for wich is about 1100$. I just have a problem finding some parts I need so I’m looking for more options, for example the grille extension/trim under the headlight cover. I have considered 3D printing but havn’t gotten any answer from those who are.

Don’t mind the challange of rebuilding this one, in fact I took it because of the challange and it is rare piece. This is the only one on the island.

I’m a big fan of V8 muscle cars and these big american luxury types. I originally was looking for a car in range of 5-20k$ and was looking into '99-03 GT Mustangs wich I could juice up a lot. But then by accident I stumbled upon this one, did some research and just thought… this is f***ing great! The idea of this car in the 80’s is just amazing.

All tips and advices are welcome.

You’re going to have a very tough time finding body and interior trim parts for a limited production orphan car like this. That’s not knocking the car at all.

You might check the “” website for some help or browse Hemmings Motor News. I got a catalog from a classic Olds vendor who was advertising in Hemmings. They had a lot of parts for my '60 Olds Super 88 so maybe you can luck out there.

You could possibly contact Bud’s Salvage in Aline, Oklahoma. They have about 30 or 40 acres of old cars sitting out there although they primarily deal in late model stuff. I know the last time I was out there they had an early model (67)Toronado. Whether or not they have a 20 years newer I do not know but it’s worth a shot if you’re scraping bottom in your search.

I think this would be a good starting point.