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New clutch-stick shift popping out of gear

Ok, My other post probably scared off anyone limited on time!

1989 Acura Integra Hatchback LS, w/manual 5 speed. I just had my clutch replaced 2 months ago. It seemed ok around town but after 10-15 minutes of freeway driving the stick shift pops out of 5th gear position and slips into neutral. Now my newest problem is noise!

starts fine, quiet with clutch pedal out, But when I engage the clutch pedal, a groaning sound starts and if I keep the clutch pushed in…the groaning graduates to sounding like a rock tumbler. Like shaking a spray paint can. Release the clutch the noise stops. Sitting idle the gears go thru the motions fine with no grinding. Was the clutch improperly installed or does this sound like something else?

The gear shift popping out of gear sounds like bad synchronizers in the transmission. And groaning noise sounds like the transmission is low on gear oil. Have the gear oil checked IMMEDIATELY to prevent any more damage to the transmission.

I agree. There’s a problem with the synchro for fifth gear.

But I don’t agree that groaning is from the transmission. Because when you step on the clutch pedal, it uncouples the transmission from the engine. So the transmission input shaft isn’t turning. It sounds more like a defective throw-out bearing was installed when the clutch was replaced.


Who did this clutch job?
I also think the noises when you’re pressing on the clutch pedal point to the release [throw-out] bearing.
Did they replace it 2 months ago?

They had to drain and replace the trans oil to do the clutch.
Did they use the wrong oil? That could cause synchro issues.
Hondas of that vintage use 10W-40 or Honda MTF.

Thank you all for your replies!

A friend of a friend did the clutch. It’s amazing that you all came up with the throw out bearing being the problem. This is a part that he claimed he had broken and needed an additional $105.00 to buy another. The 1 day job went into 6 days and I have no idea if he just jeri-rigged the old part or purchased a new one as he was supposed to. He knows about the 5th gear popping out and now the newest symptoms. He guaranteed his work but turned no show on coming out to look at it…wish me luck.

I’m not sure about the transmission oil drain. I’ll certainly ask if I ever get a chance. If it is a defective throw out bearing what type of work will it involve to remedy the problem? Thanks again for everyones input…

Sounds like a botched job from beginning to end…Time for a professional mechanic or a new car…

I agree you have bad synchros and who ever changed the clutch should have done a comlpete clutch replacement. you dont mix old parts with new ones it only causes more probs later in down the road.