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Rear wheel(s) overheating on 2001 Suburban

Only 57,000 miles, brakes work flawlessly still, but had parking brake pedal travel shortened up coupla months ago. Soon left rear wheel got smelly smokin hot, that one time, problem went away. Week ago right wheel got excessively hot twice.

This week, the left wheel got hot again after a drive. Never on both sides at same time, yet. Overheating seems to occur after approx 50 miles driving. Each time had dealer check parking brake and all disc brake components. They can’t find anything amiss yet. What’s with this hard to isolate problem?

Get a second shop to check the parking brake mechanism.

If the Suburban has rear drums, then the parking brake cable is too tight or sticking. If the rear brakes are disc, then the calipers might be sticking. This happened on my 2000 Blazer after the brake and e-brake pads were replaced. Both calipers had to be replaced on the Blazer.

If the dealer can’t help, then it’s time for a second opinion from an independent mechanic.

Ed B.

I’ll “third” the idea that you need another opinion.

The occasionally sticky caliper/slide (if rear disc), wheel cylinder (if drum), or parking brake mechanism is certainly a possibility. Another might be if you have any rubber brake lines in the rear. If the inside walls are starting to break down chunks of it could occasionally flap and act as something of a check valve that prevents release of fluid pressure. For an '01 this wouldn’t be unheard of given 8 yr old lines.

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest it might not be the brakes. Tires that are under-inflated can overheat. When was the last time you checked the tire pressure? Are they inflated to the Suburban’s specifications listed on the placard on the driver’s door frame and in the owner’s manual?

Drum or disc on the rear? Rocketman

They’re disc brakes on the rear. I ensure that tire pressure is correct at all times. Supposedly the calipers were checked including the slider pins. Possible obstruction in rubber brake lines sounds plausible as a cause, and the second opinion is good advice. One more incident of this and I’ll move forward but I still welcome any additional responses. Thanks.