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Rear Stop lights of right side not working

I have a Toyota Corolla 1992 with about 200K. The rear stop/brake lights on the right side do not turn on when brakes are applied. I already checked the light bulbs (correct number and watts) and the fuses, which I found to be okay. Is there something else I need to check on that side and that I can fix myself? Thanks.

Have you tried replacing the bulb?

If a new bulb doesn’t work, check for 12 volts at the socket. A test light or multimeter will work.

If there’s current coming in but still no light, the ground connection is the problem.

See if the emergency flasher works ok on the rights side. If that is ok then the wiring to the light, the socket connection, and the bulb are ok so the trouble may be within the turn signal area. If the light still dosen’t work you need to check those areas for a problem.