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Lights problems

I own a 1991 Toyota Corolla with 55,000 miles on it. The problem is that when I press the brakes, the side marker light front and rear side came on. And also when I turned lights on, the rear upper stop light came on too. I looked over the Chilton repair manual and does not mention how to solve this? My guess is that somewhere wires for both come contact which is not sure. I need your advice for this.



It sounds like a bad ground. Follow the ground wire back from the brake light socket, and check its connection.

Check for a bad ground of one of the lights. It is most likely to be the rear upper stop light lamp. If this is a two element light, check the base of the lamp and the socket into which it fits for corrosion. If there is none check the continuity of that socket to a bare metal ground on the car. If there is no continuity check the wire and the connector attaching the wire to the body.

Get back to us if this does not pan out.

One thing that could cause your problem is a defective double filament bulb in either the parking lights or rear brake lights/tail lights. If one filament sags and touches the other filament, this would act the same as cross connected wires. A new bulb may solve your problem.

In addition to checking the grounds, also carefully inspect the wiring to the lights and make sure it’s not rubbing against and grounding out on the frame or body. I had this happen on my truck, and every time I stepped on the brakes, my instrument cluster and front turn signals would light up!!

new bulbs all over.

as you replace the bulbs you will notice some of them will appear to have the connections rubbed almost all the way off, or even gone. this is a normal wear item, and simply replacing the bulbs will help to eliminate these shorts.

if this doesn’t work, then further examination with a volt meter is necessary. but… start with the easy, cheap stuff first.

Hey guys!

Thanks for reply and triedag was right I found that single filament bulb in double filament socket so I exchange to correct bulb using double filament bulb and poof its solved!!I guess my mistake for installed wrong one while back. This time I better pay more attention. Thaks for the help guys!