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Rear shock mount failure BMW 530, E39

I have a 2003 530i with the sport package (not the M). I recently “improved” the suspension by adding stiffer roll bars and Koni FSD shocks. After the initial installation the angle of the car changed so much (nose down or rear up) that I had to re-aim the headlights. This seems like it should not have happened. But it gets stranger…

After several thousand miles of driving the right rear shock mount failed-- the rubber ring was punched out of the surrounding metal mount. Bad Luck? So I had both rear mounts replaced (OEM parts I am told). The angle of the car returned to where it had been previously and I re-aimed the headlights. Again mysterious.

After a very short time the right rear shock mount failed again in the same way. Bad shock putting too much load on the mount?

So I got a new shock and had the failed mount replaced. After several thousand miles the right rear shock mount has failed for the third time in the same way.

Thus the shock probably was not the problem. So any suggestions on what is going on? Is there some other suspension problem that is putting undue load on the right rear shock mount?

During this time the car has never hit any road hazards, curbs, potholes that would have put undue loads on the right rear.