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Tire Bounce


I have a 2003 BMW 745i with 48,700 miles on it with Continental Ultra High performance radials front and back, They have 10K miles on them. I recently noticed that when turning right or left from a stop the front end of the car seems to have a bounce in it. I have had a local service shop check front end and they found nothing?? The problem is getting worse, I have been told that it could be a strut but not convinced with that assumption. Maybe a broken belt in the tire?? Any suggestions welcome.Thanks in advance.GoFast745i

The tires may be the problem. I once had a pair of cheap Korean tires that wore unevenly because the rubber was of varying hardness around the circumference. They developed a bumpy ride that was impossible to correct. I junked the tires and bough Michelins; no more problems.

Have each tire carefully inspected to see if there is a problem.

If you suspect the tires, rotate them to the back and see if it fixes the problem. Struts are what dampen the road irregularities and keep the car from bouncing.

Seeing as this is a front engine, rear wheel drive car, it could be an engine mount. Go find a big empty parking lot, open the hood, turn the wheels and duplicate the bounce while looking at the engine through the opening below the hood. If it hops up and down or side to side matching the vibration AND it moves more than an inch up and down or 2 inches laterally, you have a broken mount.

It is highly unlikely a strut would cause this and the service shop should have checked all the suspension bushings while they had it.