Rear Right Break

My rear right break is making a very audible thud sound when I push on the breaks. This does not happen when I press lightly on the breaks but it does all other times. The thud thud thud (not just three but for as long as the wheels are in motion) is linked to the speed of the wheels because it is quicker when the wheels are moving quickly and slows as the card slows. I do not feel the thud on the break pedal. This started after having my breaks worked on. I took it back and they adjusted something but it is still doing it. Any ideas?

Take it back until they fix it

I agree. Take it back to the shop that worked on your BRAKES and have them complete the repair job properly.

Did the shop agree that the noise was from the right rear wheel and was related to the work they did? Unless you want to start paying other people to fix what the first shop did you have to go back to the first shop. I would have to inspect to give a report to you,You would think they would tell you if you needed a part to make things right. Make ,model,year,disc or drum rears,type of brake work done,mileage,what about your tires (type,condition). I was posting and you guys got there first. I would’t not have posted,no need to duplicate advice.

I agree with you Gentlemen, however this request is for evidence for my Husband. The business we used is next door to his. I have mentioned bringing it back but he is hesitant. He may be concerned about being a nag to his neighbors. I am not quite sure.

The more suggestions I get may get the ball rolling again.

Your husband’s neighbors (repair shop) should be concerned about satisfying their customers, especially their next door neighbor, not the other way around. Keep in mind he paid THEM to do a job. Besides, what is the alternative? Live with a defective brake job with possible safety concerns or take it to another shop and pay again.