Could it be my Brakes!

In the rear passenger wheel area I hear a “swish” noise. It only seems to make noise when it is warm out. The sound is almost like I need to change my breaks. But I just change the pads along with the rotors two weeks ago. It makes noise if I step on the breaks or not. But if I make right turn the noise is not there. Does make noise if turn left.

I think that you want to check your rear wheel bearings. Suspect a possible bad one on the passenger’s (right) side). I’m basing that only on your saying that the noise disappears when you turn right. If you want to try to describe “swish” noise better and the conditions under which it occurs and what else makes it change that might help.

There is no “swish” noise associated with needing new brakes so I’m not sure what that’s about.

Thanks for the info.