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Rear light not working - Do most mechanics have the part on-hand?

Car is a 2000 Corolla with 62k miles. My rear brake light (driver side) went out (pretty sure it is the bulb). 2 months ago the blinker relay went out and I replaced it.

Do most mechanics have the bulb on hand?

Most do, but you can also buy one at Walmart or any parts store and save a few bucks. They’re really easy to change and the instructions are in the owner’s manual.

You might even be able to persuade the guy at the auto parts store to do it, if it isn’t busy when you show up.

(And by “you might persuade,” I actually mean “Abe Lincoln might persuade.”)

Or if @xaml is a female, dress nice (clothes that would be a shame if they got dirty changing a bulb) and smile to the parts guy and he’ll change it for you without Abe being involved.

Excellent idea. A pretty woman trumps a dead president any day. And I say that with respect.

Very common bulb - # 3157. There may be a couple of prefix or suffix letters added.