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Rear light is acting weird

Hi all,
Been having some strange trouble with the right tail light in my '07 Ford Edge. The only light that appears to be working is the red headlight indicator. The blinker, the brake light, and the reverse light all appear to not be working. There also is a lot of condensation on the inside of the unit, that is not there on the left side. Would this be a wiring problem, or something else?
Thank you!

Have you tried to replace the bulbs!!!

At times a person will not notice that a tail light or brake light is out, Then, when they notice the directional flashing faster on the dash…they presume all the bulbs went out at once.

You also nave a leak in the light housing. This is why there is so much condensation.



If there is water in there, then the contacts with the bulb could be corroded. So clean the contacts and if you have a meter, start checking for voltage. Also suspect a ground wire connection problem especially if more than one bulb are affected. I don’t know what a “red headlight indicator” is though.

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Any body shop sort of work been done in that area? If so lift the trunk lid or rear hatch & compare that side to the other side. The way the rain exits the back of the roof area often involves being directed into a u-shaped channel that causes the water to then exit over the tail light ass’y and to the ground. There’s rubber gasket material used there to prevent the rain water from entering the tail light ass’y. Verify that gasket material is intact. Make sure none of the plastic covering on the tail light is cracked too. If you notice cracked plastic, I’ve had good luck water-sealing the crack w/a coating of clear 5 minute epoxy.

I presume this is a light that either lets you know that the headlights are on (when in daylight), or the hight beam indicator.