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Rear door will not lock or unlock with keyless or button by driver

2006 Acura Mdx with 91K Miles. The driver side rear door will not lock/unlock either with the keyless or the keypad by driver. Any help appreciated. Thanks

Look for a broken wire in the harness that goes from the body to the door, thought 1

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Concur w/Barky. Look in the area of that door, near door hinge for a group of wires passing through. Is the wire insulation damaged ? If not that, next place is probably a problem with the door lock actuator itself.

Lock actuators commonly fail on Acuras of that age, so that’s my guess here.

I had a similar issue with a rear door lock (not an Acura), very recently. I suspected a broken wire or a defective lock actuator.

I removed the door trim panel and removed the electrical connector from the actuator. Using my Factory Service Manual I identified the 2 wire colors (out of 5 wires total) for “lock” and “unlock” and their locations in the plug. Using a simple continuity light I test both positions by cycling the lock/unlock button. Both lock and unlock tested “good”.

That confirmed for me that the problem was in the actuator itself (can be quite expensive), so I ordered one. I installed it and it works fine, now.

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