Rear Differential

My husband and I were driving home from visiting my in-laws over the weekend when we heard a noise. After pulling over twice and jacking my CR-V up, my husband realized that the third member was hot and kept binding up. Needless to say we did not drive it home. When replacing the rear differential, does it matter if the years match or can body styles match (in other words do I have to buy a 2002 replacement rear differential or can I buy a 2002-2006 rear differential)?

You should be fine with a diff from any year that chassis was offered.
I don’t know enough about Japanese stuff to be certain, but when I replaced the diff in my old Dodge I simply matched the numbers cast in the diff housing; it turns out that unit was used for decades in dozens of models.

Check with a local Honda shop to be certain.

I can’t recall the name of it, but boneyards use a site that lists direct replacement parts and assemblies. Perhaps one of the guys here uho uses it often can recall the site, or you could contact a boneyard.

The site is Used to be a book.

You need to be sure the gear ratio of the replacement rear end is the same as the one in your car…There may be differences in 4 and 6 cylinder cars and stick and automatic cars. The gear ratio is usually attached to a tag on the third member or cover…

Go to Honda E Parts, you can look at the same parts catalog as the dealer. You can look up the parts you need and see what years use the same parts. Also, any good used parts (junk) yard can tell you the same thing.

The Honda CRV IS NOT A LIKE ANY TRADITIONAL DIFFERENTIAL. You can go to a parts department and see which ones match. You also need some one experienced in Honda CRV repair to do the replcement IMO. @conoso gives good advice, but just looking at parts numbers does not rule out possible compatibilities, even when numbers differ. Different parts are sometimes upgrades and can still be substituted. The differential is active with clutch packs and you may need parts other then just the differential itself.The catalog along with conversations with experience is the best and on line advice from forums and the manufacturer should not be ruled out.

Thanks Wha Who. I remember the books (I go back to BC…Before Computers), but coldn;t remember the name.