Can I use parts from an '87 Civic for my '88 Civic?

I have a 1988 Civic Wagovan, and I have been offered a “parts car”. The parts car is an 1987 Wagovan. Both are the 5spd. manual 4WD versions. However, I think the model changed a bit from '87 to '88. My question is whether it’s worth trying to lug this parts car home or whether I should save my time and money if most or all of the parts won’t work.

Is there a reputable way to verify this?



Does the repair manual handle the years differently? Repair manuals group year together which have little, or no, significant difference.
Also, you can go to an auto parts store site to check specific parts you are interested in. Two are: and

The engine and drivetrain are probably pretty similar. A way I’ve found to check is to look up the part from the donor vehicle on and then in the item description, you can open a window that lists all the vehicles the part fits. Most of the body parts probably won’t interchange, so I wouldn’t plan on keeping it, but you could at least haul it home and chop it for some key parts. You can probably pull some more expensive and failure-prone parts and fit them into a milk-crate sized container. Then you can take the rest of it to your local auto recycler.

I’d especially focus on taking computerized parts. You’ll want to take all of the sensors you can pull, (o2, TPS, airflow, temp, etc), the fuel injectors, the distributor and the ignition coil. I’d also definintely snag the alternator, and maybe the starter. Look at the condition of the cv-axles and take them if they look nice. I’d also check over wear and tear items like belts, hoses, tires, brakes, etc and take anything that looks newer. If the radiator looks nice and fits your car, I’d take it too. Any other miscellaneous emissions stuff that interchanges would be good to get too. Even if it doesn’t interchange, I’d take the computer too, since those are really expensive and you may be able to use it to barter for parts you need. I’d also pull the catalytic convertor and either hold onto it if it fits on your car, or else you can sell it for scrap. Also get yourself a nice collection of lightbulbs and fuses. is now I guess they (Advance Auto Parts) bought the Web address from that one store which was using it.

It’s actually the web store front of the massive Checker/Schuck’s/Kragen’s/Advance autoparts conglomerate. Putting any of them into your browser takes you to the same place.

If you can find a Civic Wagovan board people can probably give you lots of details off the top of their heads. Maybe even on a Civic board.