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Rear diff noise AWD

my 06 equinox has a whine at 40+mph
i removed driveshaft to fix center support bearing so the rear diff is not being driven
can a diff make a noise when there is no load being applied to it if it is a pinion bearing issue?
i switched out my wheels/tires for a set from a similar rig that i drove before the test
that awd vehicle was quiet with no similar whine.
05-06 equinoxes are known for issues with the rear.

Yes, it can.

seems it is a rear wheel bearing after all.
i do have an abs issue where it kicks in at low speed. 5mph-zero.
maybe this wheel bearing and new sensor will fix that?


Yes, It may very well fix that.

this is a 10 ton puller. what is the usual scenario when you use this on a drum without heating the rusty area where the hub flange is stuck to the drum face with a torch? do you get to a point in pulling where it just sorta stalls out? or does the drum usually come off with a bang? did some digging and it seems the usual torque forumula says it is about 100:1 so 200lbs input torque yields 20,000 lbs or 10 tons? though i have seen a 60:1-100:1 range for actual pulling force


It seems like this is the old question about the unstoppable force vs the immovable object. Hard to say what’s going to happen. Common sense says to stop pulling once you get to 10 tons of course, otherwise the puller’s going to get damaged. But something else could break before that. My guess is that the drum will come off pretty gently rather than with a bang. And if it doesn’t come off gently and something happens other than getting to the 10 ton mark and quitting, the drum will crack at one of the points the force is applied.

maybe it will pop off with little fuss? is the rust buildup in the hub hole or the flat area between the studs? maybe both. perhaps some rust busting solvent might help too?

I’ve broken drums before they came loose pulling like that. Some that didn’t break were distorted beyond use. Clean the rust around the hub interface, liberal applications of penetrant around hub and lugs and maybe say a prayer to your preferred deity. Some light banging with a 5lb sledge can help to loosen the rust bond on the face of the hub to inside face of drum…

If I were doing that , besides the other suggestions, I’d at least heat the drum up w/a propane torch for 5 minutes, then waiting another 5 minutes, before starting the pulling. Even if you only got the drum 5 degrees hotter, across a 10 inch steel drum that would correspond to a diameter increase of about 1/2 mil. Every little bit helps.

From my experience if you try to pull a drum off with force (pry bars, screw drivers) the face of the drum flexes and bites into the hub center. A hammer works better, strike the drum center between the studs, the rust will break free and the drum will begin to rebound off the hub.

a seller on CL has this H beam puller for $50 but it has no legs. i asked him why and he said he never uses(d) them. maybe he just uses long bolts that thread into the pulley or drum? i do have these style legs from another puller i have. dont know if this beam is worth $50?

It’d be worth $50 if it came as pictured, w/ both legs. But without legs, probably not.

came off ok

That looks like a pretty good pulling tool. Could come in handy for many jobs. Do you recall where you purchased it?

It’s my dad’s. Not sure where he got it. That style is real common online when I was looking for drum puller. I am pushing axle back thru bearing in pic. Drum came off with little fuss. Hung up on 1 shoe but I wiggled it off. Whacked bearing a few times with hammer and it came off
the 3/4" breaker bar with 1-3/16 socket was sweet for removing the axle nut. i borrowed it for my taurus bearing and never returned it. got lucky the nox nut was real close. i think nut is 30mm and the socket is 12 point so it was a little loose.

yup, gonna be a little loose, 1 3/16 inch == 30.1625 mm. But you can’t argue with success! I bought an axle nut size socket years ago when I had my VW Rabbit, and it turned out to the be the same size for my Corolla, so I lucked out too. Those big heavy duty sockets can be expensive. You’ve demo’d that the drum puller technique can be pretty effective for removing stubborn brake drums, thanks for sharing, good info.

The drum is not really rusty. The drum felt tight at first but it started moving when I cranked down on the puller. The drum on my kids vue is really rusty. This puller did not budge it. I wanted to check brake shoes and decided to give up.