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How do you replace the rear speakers in a 1988 Olds 98?

I appreciate all the help I am receiving here in my quest to restore the Oldsmobile. I have a bad rear speaker, and I cannot figure out how the speaker can be replaced. It sits in the rear deck (what we used to call the luggage panel or tray, but this is so small an area that even an umbrella would be cramped there). The speakers sit in a metal hole (frame) and are covered by the luggage tray. The bottom of the speakers hang into the trunk. In my 88 Cadillac, the speakers disconnect inside the trunk and just pop down. But in the Olds, the speakers are sitting in this frame. How do they come out? If the rear seat has to be pulled out, I’m not sure I want to proceed. You know how it is with these older cars – it will never go back in the same. Thanks for your advice/help.

If the speakers aren’t hanging from bolts or lifted out from the top, they may be integral with the ‘hat rack’.

In other words, remove the rear seat back (should just pull out of retainer clips) and then you should be able to see how the ‘rack’ is attached. My guess is the edges are shoved down into clips too.