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Rear brake line 2003 Buick century

I have a leak in the rear brake line. It’s leaking at the fitting just above the rear crossmember. The fitting is very rusted. I’d like to just replace the lines. How do I get to it? Do I need to lower the crossmember? Is this a difficult task? Thanks in advance!

I think you’ll find that rusty fitting to be just the tip of the iceberg. If you get that car up on a lift, you may find a rusty fuel line and lots of rusty front and rear suspension pieces. It may be time for the last ride to the junkyard.

If you want the brake hard lines in exactly the same place as factory, then, yes, you will have to drop the crossmember.

You don’t have to drop it if you run the lines under. You will need to get a bit creative plus secure the lines and avoid things that might pinch it.

As for whether you can do the job or not, I don’t know your skills nor your tools. Your questions lead me to believe this is beyound your abilities. This repair should not be expensive.