1998 Olds 88 H-Body Brake fluid leak...solved

My olds 88 H-Body is gushing brake fluid from the area right in front of the fuel filter. It’s going to need a tow to a shop.

Is there a certain brakeline part that goes bad right in that area? I would like to call some places for a quote before I commit to somebody’s towtruck.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

You probably blew a hard brake line, eather you can get a new prebent/premade piece to replace it or some/not all brake shops can make you a new line from stock. I would just call a few shops and see what they can do for you. Its most likley the tube that runs all the way down the body from the front to the back of the car, so its going to be the most costly to replace. With that said it was most likley rust that got you so you should have any other hard line on the car checked as well while at the shop.

It’s a brake line that blew, it probably rusted through. It might be possible to have a small section of new brake line spliced in but it depends on the condition of the rest of brake line. The repair would not be too expensive if a small piece is spliced in.

You also have another potential problem. The brake line runs along the fuel lines, if the brake lines have rusted enough to leak there is a good chance the fuel lines are in the same condition. When the brake line is fixed the process of repairing the brake line might disturb the fuel line enough that it starts to leak as well.

This has happened to me numerous times when repairing brake lines.

Just buy some brake line and replace your rusted thru one…its cake to do and will cost far less than the tow alone.

It was the brakeline that runs right alongside the passenger rocker panel, and rubbed against it and caused it to wear through. Replaced it from the rear passenger brake through to the rear junction. Gasline looks OK. Thanks.