Rear axle seal leaking gmc 2001 3500 van

I have a rear axle seal which I cannot seem to stop leaking. IT is a full floating axle. I have changed bearings, race, seals many times. Vent tube is clear. I have moved the hub from the side which continues to leak to the oppostite side and the leak does not move. I have also replaced axle shaft which in hindsight does not really affect sealing process. It is leaking on the rear side onto shoes/backing plate etc. Any ideas??

Just a shot: But way over-filled diff.?

Is this the same van axle problem posted before? With the water tank mounted to the same side of the van as the axle leak? Has the housing been checked for any bending? I can’t remember if this was done, but I know I recommended it. If the housing has a bend, and the floating axle doesn’t ride square, it will continue to eat seals.

I would also say it sounds like a bent / deformed housing.

yes same van as before. Thanks for your thoughts…by process of elimination , I am starting to think you may be right.