2001 Silverado 2500hd front axle seal leaks both sides



I recently replaced my front axle seals. Both sides were leaking before being replaced and now it seems like both sides are leaking just as bad or possibly even worse. Any ideas what else I can try. It’s a 2001 8.1l with 4:10 gears and 140,000 miles



When you replace seals for rotating components, and the seals still leak, then you have to look at the bearings for those rotating components.



Oh yeah 2 more things. Hubs have not been replaced yet and when I go over bumps no matter how big or small I hear metal “clacking”. Could bad hubs cause a pretty good leak from axle seals. And the second thing is my torsion bars are cranked causing the front to be slightly lifted. Would that be a cause?


Yes. New hub assemblies and seals should be replaced.

You need to tell us what “Cranked” means???

They were bent in an accident, or you adjusted them to get a little lift out of them.



I’m sorry. I just adjusted them to give the truck a small lift


Which seal is doing the leaking? Is it the o-ring sort of by the wheel speed sensor? If so, when installing a new one from what I see, you are supposed to clean all contaminates and corrosion from the steering knuckle bore, hub, and bearing first. Then you are supposed to lubricate the steering knuckle bore with wheel bearing grease. Then install the o-ring. Miss any steps?