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2000 monte carlo axle seal leak woes

I have a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo that has me stumped as to why it leaks. The driver side axle seal leaks fluid only after a drive. I have replaced the axle twice and seal 6 times and it still leaks. I am stumped on this one. Unless I got a bad axle twice that the diameter of the sealing surface is too small but didn’t seem like it as the seal hugs the shaft.

Six axle seals? Are you certain the leak is around the axle? If so, the problem is probably in the transmission. Behind that seal is a bearing, the bearing is probably worn allowing too much movement of the axle shaft and thus a leak.

As asemaster said…

The only other possibility I’d add is a gouged seating surface for the seal.

Yeah I’ll look , the bearing looked ok, no missing needles,…maybe it’s time…I never thought of that although I never feel any vibrations or what not.

Problem solved with genuine gm axle!