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Really hard braking, damage transmission?

I had to really hard brake today over a very very short distance…the tires locked and the car slid for about 5 feet. Car is 2000 corolla, 4-spd auto.

As soon as I came to a full stop, I notice the engine was still “spinning” like it was in second gear…because the RPM was around 1000rpm (idle is 650). As soon as I started moving, there was a slight clunk noise (sounded like it came from CV half axle/transmission).

Although rare, This also happened a couple of times before when hard braking. It downshifts to 2…idles around 1000rpm for a couple of seconds…and then there is a “slight” clunk noise.

Other than this, the transmission/engine has been very smooth and the car has no problems.

have you checked the fluid level lately? changed the filter ever?

There is no transmission filter for this car. The fluid level is good…there have been no problems with the trans/engine. The problem above is very very rare…just happened a couple of times (related to very hard braking)

you got me then, but there are plenty of experts here. some one will have better ideas

A guess–maybe if the motor and transmission mounts are old and loose, things shifted a bit.
could be replaced…

If your 4 speed auto is an A245E, you do have a filter. Who told you you didn’t have one? I don’t think Toyota has any filterless automatics. I’m not sure about the idle but I would check all motor and transmission mounts.

Does it have anti-lock brakes?