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35 to 45 ? what the

Hey.guys! Listen to your banter on the way to work…Awesome! Q: 168k and going strong…kinda. At @35mph it shutters then seems to go into gear. At @ 45mph it revs and the techomter goes above 2k rpms and it feels like I’m useing the brake pedal, but I am not. Simple fix(not alot$$) or major? PS, I’ve changed trans fluid but no help.If I stay below 45, no problem. Seems 3+4th gear have me stumped? Help me gurus.!! Again, THNX

If you’re looking for the radio show guys you picked the wrong link. And I’m no guru.

It sounds to me like a classic case of torque converter clutch shudder. I see a visit to a transmission shop in your near future. Avoid the national chains. Ask around for the best local place that specializes in transmissions.

How many times have you changed the transmission fluid prior to 168K miles?

I have replaced the fluid 2 times in the last 4 years. I was told that this may or may not be the best thing to do to often.true or false?

The best way to avoid problems is to have the pan dropped and filter changed every 30K miles. Has the filter ever been changed? A lot of shops just want to exchange the fluid without a filter change (bad idea) b/c it is a big $$ maker for them.