Real Problem?

Lets see , one person can’t figure out how to turn left at an intersection with signal lights . Another has trouble understanding that a line between the numbers 20 and 40 indicates 30 MPH .

When the real problem this time of year is why the artificial Christmas Tree does not fit back in the box it came in ?


that is why I bought a Christmas tree bag. like a big duffle bag. it worked for me. until I went to live trees.

I wonder if he did not know how to turn left also. or maybe he could not read the speedometer either.


Your Honor, I didn’t know how fast I was going because I don’t like the layout of my speedometer.


We haven’t put up a tree in years. One year the dog ate the garland and especially now that we’re empty nesters it just isn’t worth it.

I bought my first artificial tree for Christmas of 2020. It was justgetting too hardtowrestle with an 8 ft real fresh cut tree. Also the old type c7 bulbs and lights are no longer available in good quality products, just Chinese made junk with bulbs that get so hot they burn the carpet.

My daughter brought the tree over from our house to the appartment we are living in. She asked me how I got it back in the box and why I did not just buy a Christmas tree bag like everyone else.

I told her that I did not know they did not fit in the box and had no idea they made something called a Christmas tree bag.

We’ve had a fake one for many years now and still put it up. ut it together and plug it in, then take it back down and put it in the box. I’m having a little trouble now getting the big wreath up on the garage from the ladder though so will have to think of something.

Outside of the mess, we turned to fake ones because of the fire hazard. No matter how much you tried to keep it watered, it would dry out, and any spark and would explode.

A tarp never folds up as well either, oh the inhumanity. ps I think this is the first post other than replies @VOLVO-V70 I recall. Now he she has a mind like a steel trap recalling everything about everybody. If you want to look into my past I was waterboy, till a forum fail!

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-Hello Cheapo Insurance company? I hit an animal while driving and want to know if I am covered.
—What did you hit?
-A fish…


Also the old paper road maps for of us those old enough to remember them.


The hitting a fish story reminds me of why a friend of mine left Consolidated Freightways a few months after starting there as a road driver. He recounted the following conversation between himself and the dispatcher.

Driver: I am in East Bugtussel Oklahoma and I can’t go any further because all my right side marker lights are out.

Dispatcher: Can you get to a truck stop?

Driver: I am calling you from one but I had to leave the rig about 15 miles back.

Dispatcher: Do they have road service? I can give you a purchase order number for the repair.

Driver: Yes, they have road service, but they can’t fix the lights.

Dispatcher: Why not?

Driver: The trailer is laying on them.


I used to collect those from every state border crossing rest stop / info center. Kinda wish I still had them; I now have only about five of them for the states surrounding me.

There is an old joke about how to make an engineer blow his top - refold the road map the wrong way!

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Me too. I think it was Ohio where they actually had maps for free and I picked one up. There seem to be scarce in Minnesota. You can order one at a time last I checked.

It took some doing sometimes but I was generally able to refold them. Another thing that bugs me is when a coworker borrows my newspaper and ends up practically wadding it up instead of reassembling it the way it was.

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Back to the original topic of having a real problem, here’s some info about the year display on your car’s infotainment display being off, displaying the year as 2002 instead of 2022:

Honda Clocks Are Stuck 20 Years In The Past; There Isn’t A Fix (

My opinion? If you need your car to tell you what year it is, please stop driving!