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Readiness monitors 2000 Mazda Protege

Have some readiness monitors that are not ready for emissions. I have driven the car more than enough in various conditions since last time the battery power was removed. I also have tried driving the manufactures drive cycle several times as well. This happened last year, I ended up having the ERG valve replaced and the monitors where then ready. Again the unready monitors are Catalytic converter, ERG and EVAP. The mechanic pointed out a semi-loose pipe between the engine and converter which could be the issue.

You need to read this before disconnecting a battery on a modern vehicle or allowing one to go dead.


Take a look at the "engine controls wiring diagram & check any fuses that are labeled “hot at all times” and are wired to the PCM. This quick and simple little trick has solved this problem for me on 3 different Fords.

The fuse is the KAM/keep alive memory fuse for the PCM. If it’s blown the monitors will be erased everytime the key is turned off.

Your Mazda might be different, but on the 3 Fords i mentioned the KAM & horn relay were wired to the same blown fuse. See if your horn is working.

Ended up bringing the car to Mazda, they found that the intack manifold gasket was leaking and causing a vacuum leak. Had that replaced, readiness monitors have still not reset. Checked all fuses, they all look good. Car still seems to idle a little rough in gear. Any further ideas?

If the battery hasn’t been disconnected in the past month, as mentioned above, this sounds like a fuse may have blown somewhere which is causing the ECM to loose power and reset each time the engine is turned off. Ask the Mazda guys or an inde shop to check all the fuses.