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Failed inspection please help

Today I failed inspection because the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and epvporative system came up as ‘NOT READY’ How do I diagnosed what I need to chage? I can do the work my self but don’t know what I need to do. I figure I should change the oxygen sensor. But would I need to change the catalytic converter as well? There are no lights on in the dash I have changed the oil and driven it about 1000 miles since I got in December.

There may not be any problem with your car at all. Your car’s computer tests the emissions components as a routine part of its job. “Not ready” means the battery has been disconnected, which causes the computer to have to retest all the emissions components again. The computer is saying it hasn’t had time to do that yet. You’ll have to drive the car some more and in some varied conditions, and eventually all the readiness tests will complete and they’ll be no “Not ready’s”. At that point either you’ll pass or at least you’ll know why.


This is what I thought last time I failed, but this time I’m sure the battery wasn’t disconnected. And I drove it about 20 miles before taking it in

hmmm … I guess the next thing to check is the battery connections are clean and tight, and the fuse that powers the computer is working correctly. A bad connection can briefly disconnect the computer when you go over a bump, which would cause the readiness monitors to have to start over again. A problem atic igntion switch could cause that too. Do you have a lot of keys etc dangling on the key chain?

The only way I’m aware of that could reset the readiness monitors is by disconneting the battery, or with a scan tool . Otherwise the readiness monitors are always complete. Complete doesn’t mean it would pass of course. It could be complete and fail.

I will definitely check the battery, only a small key chain.
Thank you for the info.

That is not much driving for a customer to be able to complete the monitors, how many trips were involved?

I have had customers drive for two weeks and fail to complete any of the monitors, I can usually complete most monitors in 5 miles but I have experience with drive cycles.

It was just one I drove from my dad’s house in NY directly to the MVC in NJ

Typical Honda drive cycle

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20 miles may not be enough. Google Honda CR-V drive cycle and find out how many miles you need to drive and at what speeds.