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Defunct Defogger

I have been having trouble with my rear window defogger grids. They keep burning out and repairing them is very tedious and the repairs lately have not lasted for more than a couple cyclings of the defogger. Is there an electric heated defroster blower on the market that works good enough to make it worthwhile to use? I bought one of these fan and heating element type ones years ago, and it barely cleared a very small area of the rear window.

If you really want to “fix” it, replace the rear window with the built in defroster. It may not be cheap.

Check the connections to the defogger itself. One is power, the other is ground. Make sure that both connections are tight, and make sure that you have good ground. A bad ground could very well cause the problems you are havign.

A bad ground would deliver less power to the defroster, which would not burn it out.

Is the an addon defroster or OEM?

OEM. I didn’t think you can buy aftermarket defogger grid kits anymore, I haven’t see them in stores or catalogs lately. But what about the heater/fan units that mount on the rear deck and plug into the lighter socket, are there any good ones, if they are still sold?