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Re:2006 Honda Accord V6

I have an '06 Accord V6 with a 5-speed automatic transmission with 81,000. I bought the in May 2010 with @ 70,000 miles. I had the transmission fluid changed a week ago and the service technician brought to my attention that there were metal shavings that were being caught by a magnet. He told me that this may be a sign of possible trouble. The car seems to ride fine. I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Is this something that I should be alarmed about? The place where I took my car was a transmission repair shop. Should I go to my Honda dealer for a second opinion? Thanks Aj.

Yes, you should be concerned and odds are the transmission is on the way out. This is not a rare problem.

Depending on the car’s history you may, or may not, get any help from Honda Motor Company on this.
Talk to the dealer and go from there.

If it looks like shavings, it is a problem and cause for concern. If it looks more like powder (or perhaps paste, since it’s soaked with transmission fluid), it is normal and to be expected, unless there is a phenomenal amount of it.

Honda had a problem with their transmissions from mid 2000 thru 2004.

2006 is beyond the problem period and it should be considered rare. According to MSN and other resources the 2006 transmission had MINIMAL problems.

But any metal shavings doesn’t sound good. But I’d get a second opinion. And if the trany is working fine then I wouldn’t do anything about it until you start to have symptoms.