Ray’s column about laying a car

Ray I enjoy your article which I read- in the Providence Journal, every Saturday.

Last weeks article about laying a car by disconnecting the battery is right on and something that I have done for years.

I lay up my car in Florida from April to November. It is locked. all windows closed, and stored under a concrete roof- open on all sides.

I used to store Damp Rids in the car to avoid moisture from accumulating in the closed car. One time the Damp Rids where they were in contact with the plastic upholstery crumpled the unhostelery and I had to have the car seats rebuilt.

Now I put charcoal in pie pans on the front floor and in the rear seats and i the trunk. They seem to do the trick.

Is there a better way?

Thank you and keep talking to us.


The only suggesting I’d have is NOT to disconnect the battery, but hook it to a Battery Tender or similar device. The battery will self-discharge even un-hooked. The Tender will keep the charge up and help your battery last longer.

I would also fill the gas tank before you leave and add fuel stabilizer. Why? Ethanol laced gas doesn’t age well - after 6 months it degrades - and if, for some reason, you don’t make it down to Florida one season, the gas won’t go bad for the year it sits. I would also look for “ethanol free” gas as the last fill-up. It is readily available in Florida for use in boats.

If charcoal works instead of Damp Rid, go for it.

I’m not Ray, BTW, just a CarTalk forum member.