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Oil change

I’m leaving my car in Florida for 7 months, and going back to NY. When do you think I should get an oil change, before I leave it, or as soon as I get back to Florida.

Before you leave. Why let any gump in it stratify?

Before, unless you have less than 1000 miles since you last changed it…Motor oils have additives to control corrosion, but for a 7 month layup, it’s better to store it with a crankcase full of fresh oil…

Also, some Sta-Bil in the gas tank and clean and disconnect the battery…

Let me add that you use “marine grade stabilizer for ethanol” to minimize the effects of ethanol storage. Regular stabile does nothing for ethanol control. Run the tank down at least to three quarters empty then fill the tank with fresh gas and marine grade stabilizer just before you leave. Drive for a while with the stabilizer in it so it gets through the fuel system. That is very important. Just adding Stabil without running the car allows the gas in the system to remain untreated.

I think you also want to do something to protect against rodents, snakes, cockroaches, and other undesireables.

I would do the following:

  1. Use up as much gas as you can and see if you can fill the tank with 100% gasoline (0% ethanol). You might need to go to a marina to find such fuel.

  2. Add fuel stabilizer to the tank a day before you leave so the stabilized gas will be in all parts of the fuel system.

  3. Hook up the battery to a trickle charger, even if you have to remove the battery to do so.

  4. Change the oil before you leave.

About trickle chargers, I have one of these and it works great:

You can plug it into the cigarette lighter if the lighter gets power with the ignition switch off. Otherwise you have to use the alligator clamps and connect it directly to the battery.

Don’t head back th NY too early. The weather stinks !