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We want to leave our car in Florida for four months this summer June1-Oct.15 This would be in our carport with afternoon sun.Is this a good idea? Thank You

This shouldn’t be a problem. Ideally you should put some fuel stabilizer in the tank with your last fill-up before you store. Also disconnect the battery, or even better remove it and put it on a battery maintainer somewhere. Disconnect will probably suffice.

I would take the battery out and put it in the house or shed and on a battery minder. It keeps anyone from stealing your car.

I second that…No alarm or any other safety contraption will keep your car from being stolen, than a missing battery.
Also, make some shades (from cardboard or thin plywood) in the shape of your tires, to shield them from the FL sun, if your carport does not offer enough shade to protect them, on either side of the car. Atmospheric ozone and UV rays (sun light) are the biggest enemies of rubber compounds (aka tires).

Add fuel stabilizer, disconnect the battery, and vacuum the car well to make sure nothing attracts any critters.