RAV4 whine/whirring/rotating noise in first gear (auto trans)

Just bought a 2010 RAV 4 I4 4 speed automatic. Didn’t notice the sound until after purchasing, but when accelerating from stop until it shifts to second gear, there is a whooshing, whirring sound with a hint of grind. When accelerating very slowly you can hear the sound changes with speed, and it is definitely the sound of something turning. My thoughts are transmission or differential, but am unsure. Once it shifts to second, it’s gone.

I test drove a similar model that also had the noise, but at that point I noticed it-exactly the same noise if I recall, gone once it shifted to second.

I see the V6’s have many issues with tranny noise, but more in the 40-60mph range. I mainly want to know if this is cause for concern, or if it standard for these transmissions to be noisy due to manufacturing practices.

Can you post a sound clip when its doing it?

Yes, I will try to capture the noise later today and post it.


I’ve read a lot about the V6 transmission whine, the thing is, that one occurs in the 40-60mph range, mine is only on takeoff until 2nd gear.

On takeoff here, you can hear the whine and whir and then once it shifts up it’s gone.

It sounds pretty normal to me.In any case,check the condition of the transmission fluid and when it was last serviced.If you are not sure,have the dealer drain and fill the transmission with fresh fluid.