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2012 Toyota RAV4 transmission whine at certain speeds

Same as hawkinsnj. Transmission whine on acceleration, correlated with vehicle speed. Dealer says I need a new transmission. (only 75K miles) CARFAX says original owner meticulously followed maintenance schedule at this dealer.

It is out of warranty. Go to an independent shop—not a chain store like AAMCO, Firestone, Pep Boys, get second or third opinions. You may have to pay for the diagnosis.
RE: Carfax, I have looked a numerous Carfax reports, I have yet to see one that shows transmission serviced every 30-50,000 miles. Your transmission fluid should have been changed twice by the previous owner.

Unfortunately, stuff breaks/wears out and your vehicle is out of warranty. Even regularly scheduled maintenance is no guarantee, although it does improve the odds. Take @Purebred 's advice and go to a good independent transmission shop.

Thanks for the concern. I’m basically on the path you suggest. I’ve owned five Toyotas over the last several years, but things change. Toyota used to acknowledge their errors and correct them.