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Rav4 stalling

I have a 2008 Toyota RAV4 (4cyl). Intermittently while driving it while just stall. It starts right up again but it will stall while driving or stopped at a red light. There is no pattern to it. I took it into an independent shop and they replace the mass airflow sensor because of a code they found in the computer. That didn’t help at all. The stalling continues and they are reluctant to try anything else because all remedies are expensive and because the problem is intermittent. Any help towards a solution would be greatly appreciated

We need that code. It should be in the format [P1234]

Also more information. How many miles on your RAV? Any history of problems? How long have you had the problem.

I called the mechanic and he said the code was either 101 or 102 and the other code was 171.
The car has about 42,000 miles. Bought the car at 35,000 no problems till the warranty expired.
the problem start around July of this year.
Thanks for the response

P0101/102 & P0171 points to an issue either with airflow or the ability of the sensor to monitor it (most likely). This mechanic apparently did little to no diagnosis.

Is your engine light back on?

If it is get the codes read again and post them.

It is possible that they needed to find an intermittent wiring problem for the MAF sensor rather than just replacing the sensor itself. Those codes just refer to circuits not parts.

Another thing that may be involved is a vacuum leak. Though I’m trying to figure how to think about an intermittent vacuum leak, at the very least your vacuum lines and the whole intake tract should get a thorough inspection.

The engine light is not on and has never come on. I had a code reader, I’ll check and see if there are any codes. Thanks!

Use this site to help you if you come up with any codes:

Note that all P0xxx codes are generic - the same for all '96 and later cars. Once you get to P1xxx the codes are manufacturer specific - so if you get a P1xxx code you have to figure out what it means in a Toyota. For P0xxx just use the generic list.

I’ll check tonight and get back then, thanks for the help and heads up!

I found no codes in the car’s computer, the stalling must not be triggering a code. I will keep checking it. Just recently I can almost tell when it going to happen and I will sometimes be able to keep it going by tapping the gas pedal continually and then it is okay. Doesn’t work every time though.