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Truck slips into 4-wheel drive by itself!

My 2008 Colorado pick-up (14K miles) occassionally slips into 4-wheel drive (high) by itself when I’m turning into parking spaces or into the driveway at home. I’m obviously driving at a very slow speed when this happen. We haven’t determined this occuring at any regular patterns or intervals other than the pavement is dry and the weather is hot! We have taken the truck two different dealerships but haven’t replicated the problem when the mechanic is around! And, NO, I didn’t inadvertently touch the button on the dash! which is the first question my husband asked when I told him about it. After a while, it happended to him too! What’s wrong with my pretty red truck?

It’s still under warranty, correct? Take it to the dealer, and have him fix it for free. Or, at least get it documented while still under warranty so it is still eligible for a warranty repair.

Older trucks/suvs (like my '02 Tahoe) sometimes used to have poor electrical connections on the switch boards behind the switch itself. (poor manufacturing soldering)

Remove the switch module and check the contacts.

Perhaps there is an electrical fault at the transfer case. (possible loose connection)

Perhaps a TSB for this I will take a look,AH you did not specify a transmission type or engine size,sorry.

Thanks for the suggested answers. I will pass them along to the mechanic at the dealership. The truck has a 5-cylinder engine and it is a 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission. It is still under warranty and the problem has been documented

I don’t see a 5 clyinder option? Are you sure of this?

You say documented, Has the Dealer acknowledged that a problem exists?. What has been documented is that you have made a report/complaint.

3.7L 5cyl

that should pop up with the TSBs from your vehicle.

I looked under Silverado

Under Colarado there was a description of how AWD, part time, and full time 4wd,differ I conclude this must be part time 4wd.