RAV4 problem - car help hostage



My car is being held captive by the toyota mechanic 200miles away. The problem seemed simple when it died on the freeway, and I left the car 2 1/2 weeks ago and rented a car to go on vacation. Now I am back, still no car, and no solution. The car just dies after acceleration. No problem starting, no funny noises, smells or warning lights. Does anyone know:

1. how to get my insurance to pay for a rental car for a long fix it job. and

2. how to hurry this up - they are apparently talking to toyota tech support

back east, whatever that means.


I dunno’. Does your state have a lemon law?


Is your car under warranty? What does the dealer say? Try contacting your local dealer and see if they can/will help. Call your insurance company and see if you have any coverage for this (I doubt it).

Good luck


Well, re:question 1, I doubt your insurance will pay for a rental due to mechanical breakdown.


May not help but great info on rav4



What year? How many miles? Check Engine Light ever come on?
Define the dies after acceleration part a bit better.

Dies every time you accelerate? Cuts out? Shuts off instantly at any speed?
Providing those annoying little details may help someone in at least providing a wild guess.

No insurance policy I’m aware of will pay for a rental car in regards to a mechanical problem, although it may if vandalism is involved and can be proven.