Toyota RAV4 shuts off

This has recently started happening, When stopped, vehicle completely shuts off. While driving on the freeway, A D V E R T I S E M E N T S

Toyota Rav4 battery warning lights are coming on, warning signal flips and go, and all warning signals come on , vehicle’s steering loses power, brakes don’t work. VSC, TCS, Brake, airbag ,4wd, signals light up vehicle completely out of control. The motor is still running while on the freeway tho.


The more this goes on the more I think this ( ask someone ) feature was a really bad idea.

Like click and clack used to say " doesn’t anybody screen these calls?"

Unless anyone has a legitimate answer to my question, frivolous statements NOT related to my question are not necessary

I assume you are asking what is wrong, my best guess is you have a battery that is failing or a bad connection from the battery. Depending on the year of your Rav you may have electric steering, with no juice from the battery you will have no steering.

How old is the Rav, how old is the battery, how many miles on the car? What recent maintenance has been done? Is the check engine light on? If the car is drive-able take it to a McParts store (Advance, Autozone, Orileys etc) and ask them to check the battery / charging system for you. Many will do it for free, check 1st. If you do not think it can be driven safely, then have it towed to your local independent repair shop.

If you clarify what the problem is and give more info you will receive better replies. And I’m sorry but this is an open forum so you may get answers that are correct or completely wrong.

To be perfectly correct, you didn’t actually ASK a question so don’t get upset you didn’t receive an answer.

Let’s not blame @RobertOrdoyne for not phrasing his question in the form of a question. We’re still working on making sure that there’s better context for the questions coming from carcomplaints, so please don’t blame the people using the feature. He did provide some information, and if he knew why the Rav was shutting off (or what to do with that information) he probably wouldn’t be here.

Robert, the questions provided above may help others help you.

This doesn’t look like the other posts from CarComplaints, so how can you tell? Can the OP actually see what part of his post showed? I would hope that if he could see his original post, he would understand the criticism.

@boilerengtn I edit the thread titles to take away the weird ID number and “Ask Someone” identifier. I admit some of the questions that have come through have been less informative than this one.

sorry, I’m confused, which is it? Does the engine shut off (stall) or not?

@cdaquila, what does this mean? The OA sees ads while driving on the freeway?

I don’t know what it means. It isn’t a spam post. I used this as an example to send along. If we see more like this it may be an indication of some kind of bug.

Ask your shop to fit you up with a volt meter in the car that you can see while you drive. I expect the voltage is dropping to below the normal 12.5 to 14.5 volts while you drive for some reason. If the voltage goes much lower than 9 volts it will totally confuse the engine computer and no telling what will happen.

thanks for the explanation!

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