RAV4 or similar, which years had most boxy trunk space/rear hatch?

Trying to fit rectangular dog crates in the back compartment of a compact or midsize SUV. As I shop around, the salespeople all say recent models have sloping aerodynamic back hatches that cut into the cargo space, but older models have more “square” or boxy back cargo areas.

So what years of which models are going to have the most boxy cargo areas? How are the 2016-18 RAV4’s in this regard?

Take one over to a CarMax and try out several of them.

I could send you pics, we have a 2017, it is ok on space I suppose, but we bought a 2017 acadia limited in the spring. Had a few trips to the cabins in the rav4 and it needed smart packing, the acadia was like damn we could fit a couple of guitars and a mandolin no problem, space left over.

Ford has a vehicle called the Connect that comes with only driver and passenger seats. Other than that you are going to just start search used vehicle web sites because only you know how much room you need and how difficult to load the vehicle will be .

I enlisted Mr . / Mrs. Google and 2 very practical vehicle popped up . The Ford Connect and the Nissan NV 200 . It seems this are very popular with dog walking services .
Other then that a logical choice would be a used plain cargo van fitted with a headache rack . A 12 volt fan could be mounted on the rack to push air to the rear.

The GMC Terrain used to be pretty boxy. So was the Subaru Forester. Recent models are more sleek.

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