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Rav4 Mystery Air Condition Super Blow

We have a 2008 Rav4 whose warranty expires tomorrow, 8/9/11. My wife thinks that on hot days, the air conditioning, when set on the highest level 4, will go into a “super-blow” state about 15 to 30 seconds after the knob is turned, and remain at the increased flow until the car cools. Then it quiets back to “normal”. She told me a few days ago that she’s not hearing the increased flow anymore at level 4 and thinks there’s now something wrong with the car. She always has it on recirculate, so I know it’s not caused by shifting to recirc.
Does anyone know if the Rav4 is even supposed to have this feature?
I appreciate any reply. It may be hard to get it into the shop tomorrow.

Is the car equipped with Automatic Climate Control, rather than the cheapy rotary knob, non-automatic version of HVAC?

If it has Automatic Climate Control, there will be reductions in fan speed and there may be a shift from recirculate to non-recirculate, as the car cools down. Which type of system does your car have?

Thanks for the reply. I had to go out and just saw this. It’s just the rotary knob. So I guess that wouldn’t account for the shift.