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RAV4 headlights on-off

Alternator has been replaced but randomly headlights turn on-off while driving
Been to local trusted mechanic friend three times
He’s thinking of replacing $500 “exhaust blower”, I’m not and want expensive parts tested first … however that part might be related!!!
NOT a new car!

Trusted friend, but beyond his capabilities as a mechanic/diagnostician? Someone here may have better knowledge of this, but I think headlight circuits usually have a circuit interrupter device, rather than a fuse. The device turns them off when the current draw/heat gets too high, but lets them turn back on.

Not sure what an exhaust blower is and it certainly does not have anything to do with the headlights.

You need to find a competent mechanic / auto electrician who can properly look into this. Not sure why the alternator was replaced, what symptoms did you have to cause someone to replace it?

What is happening? Do you turn the headlights on and then they blink on and off or do they come on when the switch is off? Please describe how and what is happening.

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