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HeadLight is struck ON

Hi Guys

Looking for a piece of advice, last week a problem just surface on my vehicle. I am unable to turnoff my headlight on my 02Rav4. The Daylight Running Light is always ON. To prevent battery drain I had removed the fuse to the headlights.

I believe it is due to a struck relay, without a manual I remove all the relays in the fuse box (one at a time). But none would turn off the headlight. Later I found a 06 Manual, which shows the location of the DRL relay, but when I took a peak at my fuse box, there is no relay in that spot!!

I am still incline to fix the vehicle myself but could find any leads in the Internet regards my problem.

Any recommendation?


I don’t believe the relay you want is not in the fuse box, rather it is under the hood. Follow the wires back from the lights.