Rattling noise on front left tired of my 2007 yaris

I have a rattling noise and usually when car is going slow, sound like a metallic sound, or some sort of rock inside the wheel, or like if something is loose but I don’t see anything when I look under my car. please help

Pull the plastic wheel cover of the left tire or the center cap if the car has alloy wheels. Go for a drive and see if the noise stops. If the car is still under warranty take it back to the dealer. The CV axle may fall under the powertrain warranty (6/60). Make sure the lug nuts are tight and there’s no debris between the wheel and the cover.

Plastic wheel covers can make all sorts of strange sound. A few years back there was a clicking noise from the right front tires of my wife’s 98 Windstar. I was thinking bad CV axle, but it turned out to be the wheel cover.

Ed B.

That is a good idea, will try that, I have read in other websites about the CV axel, I just want to have a good idea, I don’t want to be fooled by mechanics that want to replace half the car for something simple. I will let you know what is the outcome.