Rattling noise honda

my honda civic is making a rattling/scraping noise while driving. it goes quiet sometimes, it’s worst going high speeds, and doesn’t stop when breaks are applied (noisy when cruising). I use e10 fuel, it’s around 94000 kms. There is also a whining noise when reversing. help!! m :confused:

Loose heat shields around the exhaust system are the usual suspects with the rattling/scraping noise.


Yes, what @shanonia said… Heat shield rattles seem to affect every vehicle sooner or later. You will need an assistant to rev the engine while you lie on the ground…and determine where the noise is coming from. It can come from anywhere there is a heat shield…basically the entire length of the exhaust system. Usually the shields that rattle the most are around the catalytic convertor…basically right under the driver seat area…midship of the car. It can help if the assistant in the vehicle not only revs the engine for the person lying on the ground…but it also helps to put the car in Drive and while holding the brakes on firmly…gas the engine held back by the brakes being applied etc… This makes the engine and exhaust vibrate more, which helps to find the offending shield that is loose.

A whining sound when in reverse is common and normal…so long as it is not excessive. Both manual and automatic transmissions can whine in reverse. Be sure to check the fluid level in the transmission also…just to be sure its full. But a low whining sound is very typical.

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