Rattling noise from small cables?

I don’t know anytghing about cars.

I’ve noticed lately my car has been making rattling noises esp when I hit the gas. It doesn’t always happen but it happens quite a lot.

After checking, the noise is coming out from underneath (see pics). One of the cables (the right one, I think or both, is making that rattling noise).

What are those cables?

How dangerous? Is this big/small fix?


They look like parking brake cables.

If your parking brakes work, Small fix, not dangerous.

thanks… is it supposed to be that lopsided ?

No, they are not supposed to be that lopsided. I suspect the right side parking brake cable is broken or wildly out of adjustment. Not usually an expensive fix.

I think that the cables are not making the noise.
These are a common complaint referring to noise as the car ages and the aluminum rots away from around the fasteners.

I presume that there is a loose “heat shield” under the floor in that area making the noise.
These will be aluminum and many have a texture like shiny bubble wrap.

You may try jacking the car up enough so you can inspect these shields. Be safe and use jack stands please.

Tapping on these shields will probably help identify the noisey one.


Thank you for the reply. The metal thingy def vibrates when I drive. I’m not sure if the metal makes the sound or the cable is connected to something (heat shield)? That makes the rattling sound

My mechanic is closed today. I will bring it tomorrow morning and I’ll update you guys


My mechanic confirmed it’s the E brakes cables. He said they were loose, and hitting the metal or something and need to be replaced. He did tighten it a bit and put a small towel right underneath the cable in the compartment. The noise has disappeared.

He suggested to replace the hand brake cables as well as the rear rotors (they are super old and rusty. I only replaced the front ones when I bought the car). But he said these are non urgent fixes, I can do this when I have the money. $320 (for the rotors/emergency brake + labor)