I have a 2006 ford focus under warranty. The engine is vibrating enough to rattle the coins in the storage compartment between the seats. 1st time I took it in they said they heard nothing, 2nd time the service manager said, “Oh that’s just the way the fords are”, and the 3 rd time they said they adjusted the engine mounts. I still have the rattle…any suggestions?


Is this all the time or just at idle? If it’s at idle, you need to have the idle speed adjusted up just a little. If it’s all the time, something is off balance and may be more serious.


You may have a motor mount that has failed. I wonder what your service manager meant by “adjusted the engine mounts.” There isn’t really any adjustment to be made. Sounds like he’s blowing smoke trying to get out of a warranty repair. I doubt that your idle speed is off, pretty rare in your car. Go back to the dealer and get some straight answers, real answers. Don’t accept lines that are meant to get you out of the service managers hair. Remember, that service manager has a boss, maybe talk to that person.


Remove the coins. Call the district rep because the dealer isn’t trying to help. The work they have done so far isn’t helping you to establish grounds to enforce the lemon laws that your state may have. They’ll tell you the coins were defective. Your exhaust system may need some loosening up.


Guide to lemon laws, state by state: //www.jdpower.com/cc/auto/bbb/lemon_law.jsp