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Rattle while cruising

09 Honda Civic automatic 4dr. First, what’s the deal with all the Honda posts? Thought I bought reliability.

Anyways, I have 3400 miles on my 09 automatic sedan. 150 miles ago, on a trip, I noticed a rattling noise similar to a loose washer on a bolt. I took it to a dealer. They drove it and told me they didn’t hear anything. No wonder because when I picked up the car, the a/c was on max.

When I picked up the car and left they didn’t give me a printout of what they did. I ended up having them fax me that which said ‘test drove and put on lift and checked for loose suspension parts - no problem found’. Did it to document.

This ‘rattle’ only happens on somewhat bumpy roads and only while cruising. Can’t hear it while accelerating. On the highway though, it does turn into a squeak. Sounds like it’s coming from behind the glovebox which is where half the engine is because the windshield is raked so much and the dash is huge…

Car drives fine. Any ideas?