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2006 Honda Civic rattle/whine

Recently (last two weeks) my 2006 Honda Civic automatic, purchased new in 2006 (currently has over 80,000 miles on it) has begun to rattle with a faint light whine in the background. The rattle seems to be coming from the front end and is loud enough to turn heads. Specifics:

1. It happens every morning when I pull out of the garage, but not until I put it into reverse

2. Once I get on the road and get above 1000 RPM, the rattling stops

3. For the next few minutes as the engine warms it will rattle again when I drop below 1000 RPM (at stop signs etc)

4. After about 5 minutes, no rattling, no whining, car runs like a champ

5. In the evening when I leave work, it?s the same thing all over again: Rattle at low RPM?s, then nothing after five minutes

The car is due for an oil change (5% oil quality this morning) so I was planning on taking it into the dealer and asking what?s up, but I already took it to one mechanic who said they could not recreate the noise. That mechanic checked the timing belt just to be safe and found it was fine. I just want some idea of what this could be so when the dealer tells me I owe them my first born I know it was worth it.

Have you crawled under the car? Oftentimes your cat converter shroud will rattle. THere could be other metal protecting devices covering exhaust or other components rattling and causing that noice. If it is internal to the engine, then I’d certainly have the oil changed and don’t wait until it’s down to 5% next time. It could be rod knock, something else loose inside the motor or any thing. You need to do yourself a favor and stick your head under the car while it is rattling and give it a good once over.

Original water pump?

“but not until I put it into reverse”

Could also be a motor mount.