2005 Honda Civic Noise

I know nothing about cars so please bear with me. My Honda has 61000 miles on it, it’s an automatic . Just had oil change done at 59000, told was good for 5000 mil. The last few days I noticed a trrrr (kind of like a playing card in bike spokes but louder) noise coming from the front of the car, it lasts for a few seconds then stops. It happens mostly when it is in drive but not moving. Stops if I put in any other gear, doesn’t happen while I have foot on gas. I did hear it very faintly today while coasting up to a red light otherwise it’s always happened while in drive with foot on break. First time it happened was a few seconds after I stopped at a red light. Second time it happened was after the car was parked for an hour. When I got back in and threw it in drive it did it.

any info would be greatly appreciated.

Chances are excellent that it’s simply something rattlrng and not related to the oil change. But before you do anything else, open the hood and check the fluid levels and the oil cap (to see that it’s secured).

Noises of this type in automatics (do you have an automatic?) are generally from something simple vibrating when the engine is operating by at low RPMs and while under load by the torque converter. They usually don’t mean anything serious. Often they’re just an unsecured air filter cover or something of that nature. Usually they can be found by starting the car, having someone put it in gear with the engine idling, the parking brake on, and their foot on the brake (chock the rear wheels too) and listening under the hood. Stand to the side of the vehicle…even with all these safety things in place, if somehow the car moves forward you do not want to be in front of it.

“Just had oil change done at 59000, told was good for 5000 mil.”

This is probably unrelated to your problem, but it’s not necessarily good for 5,000 miles. You need to check the oil frequently, using the dip stick.

Thanks for the info. I did check fluids including oil everything looked good.

Have someone sit in the driver’s seat while you open the hood and listen for the noise. You might be able to locate the area it is coming from. They cam move the shift lever from park to neutral, drive, D2 and D3 to see when and where the noise occurs. If you don’t trust them, you can stand beside the car. ; )